Thursday, March 05, 2015

Is Campos Withholding Emails from his City Hall Addy?

In response to my public records request this week to Supervisor David Campos, for all emails sent or received from his City Hall addy over the post fourteen-months, this reply was sent by his aide Hillary Ronen:

"Attached, please find the work Calendars for Supervisor David Campos and Legislative Aides, Hillary Ronen, Nate Allbee, and Carolyn Goossen and former Legislative Aide Laura Lane covering the period 1/1/2014 to 3/1/2015.

"As for your requests for telephone logs and all emails sent and received by the email, please see the following highlighted sections of the Good Government Guide: 

">Good Government Guide, Page 85, Records/category of records sought must be “identifiable” <

">A public records request must specify an identifiable record or category of records sought. Cal. Govt. Code § 6253(b). The law does not require exactitude in requests, or limit requests to specific records the requester identifies by date, author, and/or recipient. But a request must be sufficiently clear and defined that the department can understand what records are the subject of the request. <

"We are more than happy to respond to the request if you identify the subjects of the emails and phone logs you request."

My request is very clear. All emails from Campos' addy. Here's my response to Ronen:

"Thanks for sending the requested calendars. I have received and opened them. Much appreciate that they are PDFs.

"Regarding the additional public records requested, I do not wish to amend my request to a narrower focus. Just as your office has released the full calendars, and you didn't need me to identify only certain entries, I believe your office must release the phone logs and emails.

"If I had requested only calendar entries that mention, for example, the Maximus Partners or their lobbyists, you wouldn't have anything to release because that firm's name does not appear on Mr. Campos' calendar. However, cross-checking with the Ethics Commission about Maximus Partners' lobbyists meetings with any Supervisor two meetings in 2014 btwn the lobbyists and Mr. Campos are reported.

"Mr. Campos met with those lobbyists on March 5 and July 21, 2014, but the calendar entries omit the firm's name entirely.

"If you cannot comply with my original request for all emails sent or received by "" or the phone logs for the time period specified, you will leave me with no recourse than to file a complaint with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force."

Ronen replied:

"As I mentioned in my previous communication, we are more than happy to comply with your request if you identify the subjects of the emails and phone logs you request."

In my reply to her, I mentioned that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has agreed to have the State Department review and release her emails while she was the nation's top diplomat. Sure would be great of Campos to follow her lead in terms of just getting the requested documents out there.

I want to see all of the Campos emails and phone logs regardless of subject, so I'm filing my SOTF complaint in the morning and will begin the process of using this panel to resolve this impasse.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

SF Ex Must Repost Housing Op-Ed That Plagiarized

My friend Marc Salomon goofed up big time yesterday with his opinion piece for the San Francisco Examiner that plagiarized the work of others. The deleted the piece from their site yesterday afternoon.

I wrote to the manager editor Max DeNike asking why it was deleted and he replied:

"It came to our attention that parts of the op-ed were lifted verbatim from a story on People Power Media. Because of this, and after speaking with Marc and having him fess up, we felt it was right to remove it. We ran an editor's note in print this morning, and we will post it online as well."

In my response asking him to repost the column, I said to DeNike that most papers keep the offending article up but with a clear explanation of the problems with it. I cited the New York Times maintaining Jayson Blair's fakery on their site and with a lot of notes about his plagiarism and other journalistic crimes. I pleaded with DeNike to reconsider keeping the piece off their site. He said:

"I do not fully agree with that, but I definitely understand your point. Perhaps leaving the story up with a note could serve as a lesson for others. It is a tough call -- obviously plagiarism is the most serious offense in the industry. I have shared your latest email with editor in chief Michael Howerton, who will have to make the ultimate call. In the meantime, here is the editor's note link."

And this is the note:

"Editor's Note: The op-ed “Lies about market-rate housing” in Tuesday’s San Francisco Examiner contained passages that were copied from the article “5 Facts: San Francisco’s Housing Crisis is NOT Because of Supply,” published by last month. The op-ed has been removed from The Examiner’s website."

The PDF version of yesterday's print edition of the Ex is here and includes the op-ed.
UC Berkeley's 'All Genders' Bathroom Signs Go Up

The Pacific Film Archive, which is on the UC Berkeley campus, last night screened Claude Lanzmann's three-and-half-hour Holocaust doc "The Last of the Unjust", and when I used the bathroom I noticed the signs that say Men's or Women's were papered over.

I shot footage of the new signs declaring the bathrooms "All Genders" because this change is good, because it recognizes the needs of our friends and family who are transgender, intersex, gender non-conforming, agender and all other gender identities.

All people have to pee and relieving oneself shouldn't be a hassle or against the law singling out trans and other folks from using restrooms anywhere. Check out my vid:

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Welcome Hut Erected at Mission Street Homeless Center

That cloud of dust this afternoon hovering over the laborers on the City-owned site of bungalows on Mission Street across from the Walgreens store was thick.

There was a tractor rumbling in the center of the courtyard, construction workers sweeping up debris and checking out the ramp leading up to the newly-built welcome hut at the entrance, behind a fence.

I had to wait a few minutes for a breeze to blow through so I could snap a photo.

My post in January about Mayor Ed Lee's homeless czar Bevan Dufty and Department of  Public Works head Mohammed Nuru, holding an outdoor, evening meeting with the surrounding community and various stakeholders, reported they promised a March opening for a homeless navigation center on this site.

Judging by all the rehab and general contracting work going on behind the fence between the sidewalk and the welcome hut and the bungalows where homeless folks will live, I'd say Dufty and Nuru are on schedule to keep their promise.

Let's hope this homeless navigation center is a pathway forward to getting people off the streets and into services and eventually permanent housing.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Sunshine Complaint Against Campos Over Maximus Moves Ahead

The basis of my complaint is that Campos didn't provide me with all of his emails related to the Maximus Partners' construction firm from Jan. 31, 2014, through Feb. 25, 2015. His responsive records contained not one email to or from his account over an extensive period, a time when Maximus' proposed condo at 1979 Mission was generating big sparks.

This note, addressed to Campos, copied to me this afternoon, explains where we are in the sunshine complaint process:

"You have been named as a Respondent in the attached complaint filed with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force. In an attempt to mediate and avoid a hearing before the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, please respond to the following complaint/request within five business days.

"The Respondent is required to submit a written response to the allegations including any and all supporting documents, recordings, electronic media, etc., to the Task Force within five (5) business days of receipt of this notice.

"This is your opportunity to provide a full explanation to allow the Task Force to be fully informed in considering your response prior its meeting.

"Please include the following information in your response if applicable:

"1. List all relevant records with descriptions that have been provided pursuant to the Complainant request.

"2. Date the relevant records were provided to the Complainant.

"3. Description of the method used, along with any relevant search terms used, to search for the relevant records.

"4. Statement/declaration that all relevant documents have been provided, does not exist, or has been excluded.

"Please refer to the File Number when submitting any new information and/or supporting documents pertaining to this complaint.

"The Complainant alleges: File No. 15015: Complaint filed by the Michael Petrelis against Supervisor David Campos, Board of Supervisors, for allegedly violating Administrative Code (Sunshine Ordinance), Sections 67.25 for failure to respond to an Immediate Disclosure Request in a timely and/or complete manner.

"Both parties (Complainant and Respondent) will be contacted once a hearing date is determined.

"Thank you. Victor Young Administrator Sunshine Ordinance Task Force"
Philip Glass to Perform His Complete Etudes Tonight

A word to the wise culture vultures of the Bay Area. The Philip Glass concert at 7:30 pm tonight at Davies Symphony Hall, presented by the San Francisco Performances organization, is going to be a very full house so get there early.

This is a rare opportunity to experience Glass and two other pianists, Timo Andres and Maki Namekawa, performing his complete etudes live. You don't want to miss it. My ears wiggle now in anticipation of great music we'll enjoy.

This admirer of minimalist music and the works of Glass and Steve Reich, is delighted 2015 has seen a fantastic presentation of Reich's "Drumming" in early February with the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, and now we'll soon listen to this major work from Glass.

Some info about the program:

Like other great pianist-composers throughout history, Philip Glass originally conceived of his 20 ├ętudes for solo piano as works that would both expand his technique as a composer and performer and test and broaden the limits of the instrument. The ├ętudes have taken him 20 years to complete and stand as an intensely intimate personal statement by a composer who has changed the course of music in our time.

For information and to purchase tickets. head over to the SF Performances web site.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Weekend Woof #96: All Video Version

I recently purchased a video camera and have started using it for various purposes, including grabbing footage of men appealing to my queer eye. Not only am I learning the tricks of the camera but I'm also figuring out all the editing options available via MovieMaker.

Lemme know if you like this all video version of this continuing series.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

3/2 Presser at 16th St BART Plaza to Stop an Eviction

The battle over San Francisco real estate for residential tenants, small businesses and cultural venues shows no signs of cooling off. This release hit my in-box today. One more flareup in the war over the diversity and gentrification of the Mission. Here's the announcement for the presser: 
"Friends of Station 40 will announce at a press conference on Monday March 2, 2015, at noon at 16th and Mission BART plaza that they will be supporting tenants of Station 40, the eleven-year-old collective household and political events in their fight against eviction. 

"Last week the collective received eviction court papers (an unlawful detainer) from landlords Ahuva, Emmanuel, and Barak Jolish. 

"Although the Jolish family had previously stated its intentions to sell, they have refused a proposal presented by the Station 40 collective, SF Community Land Trust, and Mission Economic Development Agency to sell their property to the land trust, in what would be a win-win situation for the property owners, current tenants, and Mission community at large. 

"Friends of Station 40 say it is no coincidence that the collective is being evicted on the same intersection as the hotly contested proposed development by Maximus Real Estate Partners of a 350-unit luxury apartment building in what is a predominantly working-class neighborhood.   

"The press conference will include Station 40 tenants and collective members; 
Tracy Parent, director of the SF Community Land Trust; Tommi Avicolli Mecca of the Housing Rights Committee; Erick Arguello of Calle 24; Chandra L. Redack, tenant at 1049 Market Street, another building under the threat of eviction; a Plaza 16 Coalition representative; and others.

"As someone who has attended many forums and trainings at Station 40," said Mesha Irizarry of the Idriss Stelley Foundation, "I feel tremendous loss at the thought of this eviction. Station 40 exemplifies what a vibrant creative, collective space should be, [and] has been a nest of the struggle to keep San Francisco the core of art and revolution in the Mission and whole city."

Friday, February 27, 2015

Legendary Patti LuPone's Fantastic San Francisco Show

The best of the Broadway belters, none other than veteran entertainer Patti LuPone, brought her "Far Away Places" show to Davis Symphony Hall on Feb. 23 and before she came on stage fans were screaming her name. When she appeared, without uttering a word or note, rapturous applause broke out.

For two-hours this legendary diva took us on a musical tour around the nation and globe, with delicious helpings of wonderful stories and asides between songs. She was backed by a fantastic five-man band, The Gypsy Drifters, who delivered fantastic melodies and sounds perfectly meshing with her voice.

From the Stephen Sondheim canon our ears were tickled with "By the Sea" from his masterpiece, "Sweeney Todd", which she performed years ago with the San Francisco Symphony at the same hall.

The number that has most stayed with me was a rather unexpected choice,  Kris Kristofferson's road song "Me and Bobby McGee", that she sang with a ballad warm ballad tempo. It was a fresh rendition of this rock classic. In the same vein, she covered Leonard Cohen's "Bird on a Wire" with just the right amount of wistfulness.

LuPone treated us to a beautifully rousing "What's New Buenos Aires?" from the show that cemented her legend back in the day, "Evita". When she forgot the lyrics, she said, "Of all the songs to mess up, it had to be this one!" The audience reveled in her trouper humor before she picked up perfectly from where she left off.

During her second act, LuPone mentioned with pride that her son Josh was in the audience, in an upper box and a spotlight was shone on him. Did she say he's following in her acting footsteps. Yes, indeed, to the cheers of her fans.

That glorious LuPone voice was on full display in her final encore number, "Haste Ye Back", performed a cappella. This fan would have appreciated another number or two of her unaccompanied by the band but, alas, she again left me wanting more -- something I've experienced many terrific times over the decades catching her live performances.

As we exited Davies Symphony Hall, people were smiling from ear-to-ear and speaking of how much the loved the show the legendary LuPone delivered. Let's pray to the Broadway gods that she pays San Francisco another visit soon.
Maximus Emails Released by Campos

Not a single email sent or received by Supervisor David Campos himself, but plenty of responsive public records from his aides. The files are too voluminous to post here, so I've posted them in three batches at my Facebook. You don't need to be a registered Facebook user to view the emails:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: